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In September 2004, working in children’s homes in South London Dr Sean Cameron (a Psychologist based at UCL) and Colin Maginn (then Director of Ingleside Children’s Home), set out to identify why the considerable effort and expenditure on ‘looked after children’, was failing to improve outcomes for this vulnerable group in our society.

Parental Rejection:

The accepted position is that the emotional, social and academic problems of children in care, result from a failing care and education system, the Pillars of Parenting model challenges this position by introducing the devastating impact of parental rejection as a more likely cause. The Pillars of Parenting gives professional carer the tools to empower their practice. The model is based on research and theory to develop principles (the why) to inform the parenting style (the how) which is most likely to lead to healthy outcomes for individual children, both now and in their adult life.

We believe that:

• The relationship between the child and the carer is the key to a stable placement.

• This relationship should be based on ‘good parenting’ which involves sensitivity to the child, having clear expectations of learning and behaviour and a strong belief in the child’s ability to thrive and achieve.

• Emotional growth comes from encouraging each child or young person to develop their individual skills and talents and from helping them to identify and use their signature strengths.

• Psychology provides the knowledge base to understand and respond to children who have been traumatised by abuse, parental rejection and neglect.

Social Enterprise:

The Pillars of Parenting Ltd. is a ‘Social Enterprise’ committed to improving outcomes for children in public care.